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The 'Mammal Conservation Web Site' links to external web sites in the hope that users will find reference material on mammal-related subjects. However links to external sites do not constitute endorsements by the owner of the 'Mammal Conservation Web Site'. Because those sites cannot be controlled, we cannot be held responsible for the content or use of sites and documents.
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Privacy and Security

1. The information presented on the 'Mammal Conservation Web Site' is available from directly accessible web sites and digital information sources published on the internet. To secure accessibility it may be possible that the information is also (temporary) placed an our own server, although referring to the original information source. In both cases this does not mean that the information is public and may be distributed or copied freely - certainly not for commercial use. Use of appropriate credits is always requested.
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Use of communication forums

The 'Mammal Conservation Web Site' has or will contain threaded discussions and other communication forums to exchange information. By participating in any of these, users agree to send and receive messages that are both proper and related to the forum topic. Also, you agree to use any forum at your own risk and to accept the risk of any information exchange. The following actions are prohibited:

1. Defaming, harassing, threatening or otherwise violating the legal rights of other users and informants, including their privacy. 2. Misrepresenting the knowledge, expertise or capability of others or discredit one's person. 3. Posting or sending any defamatory, wrong, false or unlawful material using this web site. 4. Selling, advertising, or exchanging any goods or services unless expressly allowed. 5. Posting any copyrighted material or non-public information owned by a third party without permission on paper by the owner of the material or information and without mentioning the authors name.

While championing proper use of such forums, we cannot guarantee that violations of the above code will not occur.